Project Development


  • Market Analysis
  • Finding suitable land
  • Creating regional customer demands

  • Revenue estimates, budgeting, and feasibility studies
  • Concept development and planning
  • Sales, marketing, and customer management training for the team

  • Financial modelling
  • Creation of workflow
  • Conducting application tenders


  • Regional industry analysis
  • Creating alternatives to land, buildings, and industrial structures following investor demands
  • Budgeting and feasibility studies
  • Financial modelling
  • Creation of work flow
  • Conducting application tenders according to demand


  • Determination of sales strategy and channels
  • Market, region, competitor and customer analysis

  • Project feasibility study

  • Project pricing studies

  • Pre-sale process management

  • Sales process management

  • Post-sales services

Advertising and Marketing

  • Identifying Marketing Strategy
  • Corporate identity creation
  • Website design & social media accounts management

  • Trademark SEO activities

  • All indoor and outdoor advertising activities

  • E-mailing Activities

  • Launch planning and media management

  • Preparation of press releases


  • Legal Councelling
  • Technical Consultancy

  • Acquiring Turkish Citizenship

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